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SCORE's volunteer business professionals provide mentoring to anyone operating a small business or thinking about starting one. The mentoring is free and confidential for as long as you want it. This is a Test

SCORE has recently changed the name counselor and the term counseling to mentor and mentoring to reflect the longer term ongoing relationship offered by SCORE.  SCORE stands ready to assist individual and small business owners for one mentoring session or a business relationship that may encompass several sessions and months.

When you click Register Now for Free Mentoring, you will be taken to a list of our mentoring locations. Click on the one most convenient to you, and you will see a schedule of upcoming mentoring times at that location. Choose one and click on it to schedule your appointment. You can even learn about the mentors you'll see by clicking on their names.

If you would prefer to meet with someone with a specific background, click on the "Our Mentors" tab above.  You can search using a specific skill or industry.  When you have identified a mentor who could meet your needs, note the mentoring location, and search for an available date and time when that mentor is scheduled. 

How it Works

Generally your first session is conducted at one of our offices. Mentors will talk with you about your needs. They will listen to your ideas and help you determine the feasibility of your business plans. They can act as counselor or coach. They can review your cash flow or help you develop marketing plans. For this first session you should be prepared to share your business plan or at least describe your ideas. You should expect your mentors to ask you a few questions. To help you prepare we suggest you review the typical questions on our Preparations Page.

If your mentor feels that your needs are better met by other resources, the mentor will refer you to those resources. Sometimes that could be another mentor who is more experienced in your business, or it could be another agency, such as the Small Business Development Center at your local college.

After the first appointment, you will probably be asked to do some additional research or planning activities. Then, you and your mentor will agree on another meeting at a time and place convenient to both of you. In the meantime, you may share ideas or be in touch by e-mail or phone. Remember, there is never any charge for the mentoring and all information is always treated confidentially.

You control the relationship. You set the appointment and decide when and if additional sessions are needed. You decide what to talk about and when to end the relationship. Some clients come only once, but others return many times. It's up to you; it's your business and our mentoring can only help.

home mentoring workshops our mentors sponsors resources volunteers contact us
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